Hell yes, we are starting this week with Greg Dulli. One of my all time favorite front man. Niall Horan with a hell of a fun song. My oh my, a lot of “Hells” already. Might need to switch up the verbiage. Cold War Kids remind us that there’s a reason that “the grass is always greener” saying exists for a reason. Right? We’ve all experienced that. The Strokes are ready for the new John Hughes film OST. Man, Mike’s guitar is glorious on this new Pearl Jam release. It is going to sound brilliant live. Alex Lahey sings about the bad habits of the digital age over buzzing guitars and a mosh pit-worthy bass line. I like. Soul Asylum sounding fantastic for a band that’s been around since the mid 80s. First album in 4 years and 12th over all.

Clem Snide is one of my favorite lyric writers. The Wood Brothers with jangly mellow tune with great harmonies. Duh. Always the harmonies. Dan Reader with a song that brings great joy to my soul. And the lyrics. Oh balls man. Listen again. Tame Impala is on another level. Go read how and why this new album came about. Just brilliant.
Amanda Shires coming off the lovely Highwaywomen. Goes into the studio and on guitar? Husband Isbell. This is a duo I can get behind. What’s one to do when the building your studio is in is bought and being torn down for a parking lot? Make album. Solo this time. That’s what Brendan Benson did. Tommy James has written way too many songs that you know. He said he’s been wanting to do a remake….and here it is. 50 odd years in the making. Sounds good. Phantogram with their first album recorded in LA rather than upstate NY. Can you hear a difference?

Hey, I didn’t use Hell again. Good job Bro. Enjoy it all.

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WARNING may contain bad words. Or may not. Depends.

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Artist and Song Title:

Greg Dulli – It Falls Apart
Niall Horan – Nice To Meet Ya
Cold War Kids – Who’s Gonna Love Me Now
The Strokes – Bad Decisions
Pearl Jam – Superblood Wolfmoon
Alex Lahey – Sucker For Punishment
Soul Asylum – Got It Pretty Good
Clem Snide – Don’t Bring No Ladder
The Wood Brothers – Little Bit Sweet
Dan Reader – Love And Hate
Tame Impala – Posthumous Forgiveness
Amanda Shires – Deciphering Dreams
Brendan Benson – Good To Be Alive
Tommy James – Draggin’ The Line II
Phantogram – Mister Impossible

and remember if you love someone hug them right now.

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