Jade The Moon starts off the week. Music from up North, eh? Vundabar are a duo from Boston. MGMT are back. Sounding quite good. Of course. I know. Still. It’s good. Pearl Jam hasn’t had a new album in…a long time. A single here and there. Good to have a full album that I’ll have to buy on vinyl. Thank you PJ. On tour. Doubt I need to say this but I shall anyway – go see them live. Marcus King turns blue eyed soul into some blues.

Twin Peaks continue their mastery of ā€™70s Stones-style countrified rock ā€˜nā€™ roll. Beach Bunny staying in Chicago. Gotta love those boys and girls from Chicago.

Brian Fallon smokes his last cigarette on this track. As he takes on addiction. Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors featuring The Lone Bellow on this track. Mac Miller. What an album. This is breath taking work. You are not alone. Call. Text. Talk to someone. Please. This album. One word? Tranquillity. M Ward on this album writes about immigration, taken from current events (and from his own family).

Stephen Malkmus another solo album. A touch of VU on this track. More acoustic. More Western. Katie Pruitt grew up in the burbs of ATL and calls Nashville home now. Nahko And Medicine For The People has a great back story. Starts in Oregon. Finds birth mom. Ends up in Hawaii and forms a band. Now…this song. Bombay Bicycle Club from London experimented with different genres, including folk, electronica, world music and indie rock.

Thanks for listening and thanks again to Ocean 98 for putting next on the radio. And VOBB in Canada.

New music discovery is important and thank you for doing your part.

Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t have bands like this around to support. Buy an album, or a ticket to a show, or a tee shirt, or…something from them. Thank you.

Spotify playlist updates on Thursday. Link to Chris Bro on Spotify.


WARNING may contain bad words. Or may not. Depends.

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Artist and Song Title:

Jade The Moon – Awkward
Vundabar – Burned Off
MGMT – In The Afternoon
Pearl Jam – Dance Of The Clairvoyants
Marcus King – The Well
Twin Peaks – Cawfee
Beach Bunny – Dream Boy
Brian Fallon – 21 Days
Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors – Dragons featuring The Lone Bellow
Mac Miller – Good News
M Ward – Unreal City
Stephen Malkmus – Xian Man
Katie Pruitt – Expectations
Nahko And Medicine For The People – Lifeguard
Bombay Bicycle Club – I Can Hardly Speak

and remember if you love someone hug them right now.

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