Wow. It’s been awhile. So I’m dropping the 13 songs and just randomly went through my music adding a bunch of songs.

This what came up. This is what I’m going with. Enjoy it all. 34 songs. 2 hours 21 minutes. So yeah, a wee bit more than 13 songs. Making up for lost time. I need to do better. I shall do better.

Remember this is never final. Ok probably is. I usually listen a few times to figure out how the flow goes. Occasionally deleting or moving songs around.

Song 1
This might be the perfect “start a mix song”. This song makes me think so many “what if’s”. From this band’s ashes rose Pearl Jam. Damn. One of favorite bands of all time. Hell, I believe I’ve seen them more than any other. I still remember seeing them at Chicago’s Metro. Summer of 1991. Game over. They were my band. Damn, I miss Chicago. Single. Grunge. Biking drunk. What if? What if Andrew Wood didn’t OD? How would grunge have changed if Andrew Wood had of lived? Would Eddie Vedder have emerged? Would Nirvana still have blown up? Could Mother Love Bone have sold millions of records?

One of my favorite stories about Andrew, which I’m just remembering. Don’t take this as word for word. Andrew was a perfect front man. Born to be famous. He was playing a small club. Only a handful people. And Andrew screams from the stage “This song with for all the people in the back…can you hear us?” as if he were in a stadium.

Song 2
The Panning in the beginning of the song is lovely. Big fan of bands playing with sound. The Beatles were masters. Queen did a lot too. And Panning is when the sound slides from Left and Right. Thanks for Pam, from PamNation, for my introduction to this band.

Song 3
I would usually bump up the pace at this point in most mixes I make. For someone reason I wanted this Cage the Elephant tune. So it fits here quite well. One thing I love about Cage is they are one of those multiple generations love them. Older rockers, such as me, are reminded of 90s bands. So you can bond with your younger listeners. It’s too late to bump up the pace…

Song 4
Fuck it. One more slow up…just kidding. Give me 90 seconds. The rocking shall begin. Love this song. Love this band. Brilliant live. Always remember live music is good for your soul. Love the line “catching up on the cool shit I missed”. The banging drums do come in a wee bit before 90 seconds. Forgive me?

Song 5
The vibe is strong with this one. Might not be the perfect groove after the ending of song 4. I’ll leave it for now. Love when the guitar gets jangly. Great build up…towards the end. Then release to the clank of guitar and back to the groove. I need to see this song live. It’s gotta feel good.

Song 6
What a voice. Yes, I would cry for you. The brilliance of slow, “fast”, slow songs. I could live forever in that. I miss Chris. Please. Talk to some if you need help. You will be missed. And remember if you love someone hug them right now.

Song 7
Holy balls what a song. Back to slow. With a build. Common theme. Another headphone song. Love the solos. You can hear Mason and Winwood in different ears. And fade…

Song 8
Hey more guitar. Shocking. Man the 90s were awesome. The were so much The Stones with that 90s Britrock vibe. Man, I seem to be using vibe a lot. And check out their cover of “I’m Free”. The use of the lady back up singers. Such a Stones vibe, no? And the piano. Kinda hiding in there. Just brilliant.

Song 9
Guitar…weezes in…welcome to The Clash. “Yeah I’m working hard in Harrisburg… waiting to be melted down” comes from Three Mile Island. It’s a general striving to do more in life than be stuck in a dead-end job and conforming to your superiors. One of the many reasons this is one of my favorites off whatever album this one came from. Joking…London Calling. And there’s lots of love on London Calling.

Song 10
Love the feeling of this tune. Right off the bat. Slaps you across the face. Just brilliant. Plus, any song that included “cherub’s bare wet ass”. Right? I don’t need anyone to write this line about me, “And you fuck like a volcano, and you’re everything to me” but when one would hear it I would be ok with someone thinking of me. Is that too much information? As an aside I would like to add that I’m quite happy Liz has “less” stage fright and chats up the crowd quite a bit on stage now.

Song 11
You had me whistling and the bassline. Oh and the masterful pause before the chorus. Holy balls. Cool as hell. Then throw in drumming on the cow bells. DAMN. So cool.

Song 12
Kick it! Let’s start with you should read the book. Paul’s was sample heavy. Album number 3 re-engages the trio with their punk and metal roots. Plus we get Ad-Rock on guitar, Mike D on drums, MCA on bass. All I know it that I don’t dance and this one gets Almost Dancing. You can’t front on that.

Song 13.
What a great scream to lead off this one. I just really wish Prince was a bit more straight forward on this one. Still a mystery after all these years. I mean what the hell is singing about? This was the album that pushed me over to loving Prince. Not 1999. Not Purple Reign. I think this album had enough T Rex moments that it won me over. I’m guessing it has something to do with “popular”. Everyone. EVERYONE loved and listened to 199 and Purple Reign. I remember people not being happy when this one came out. That’s when I jumped on. Remember what I said about not dancing. This one gets me moving too. If even in my chair. Chair dancing. “Cream” is another keeper off this one. Which had even more T Rex. Ribs?

Song 14
If Sting thought there was too much information back in 1981…wonder how he feels today? Keyboards and Horns. Well Sting playing a Sax then overdubbing them. This song propels yet Sting shouts: STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP. Brings back memories.

Song 15
Gotta love those Chicago bands. Although I don’t think they located there anymore. You can help but think of their videos. Holy balls, they are brilliant. Once you see one you get stuck going down the OK Go video rabbit hole. Can you even pick a favorite OK Go video? “When the morning comes, let it go, this too shall pass.” All these impermanent things. Remember if you love someone one hug them right now.

Song 16
Just seemed like the most logical song to flow next, no? I tried hard just to soften you. Damn…now that’s lyric. Love. Letting go. Learning from mistakes. Now the keyboard is cool, yet I still wish it were a guitar. Maybe that would ruin it. Don’t know.

Song 17
Very carnival in the beginning, no? Funhouse? The Bass. Walk with me. Big fan of this line: Well my mother told me first – She said when things aren’t getting bad – Look out they might be getting worse. I can relate. A wee bit more guitar pop for them. But hell of a feel. See I didn’t use vibe. Maybe I’ll switch to energy.

Song 18
Alt fucking country. I love this. The Mats meet Wilco. I mean, hell, the album is called Tim. So there you go. You kinda know what you are going to get, no?

Song 19
Let’s continue the driving guitar. Huge fan of this remake. Don’t fuck with a good streak but this is was a great call Frank and band. The line “you’ll live to dance another day – now you’ll have dance for the both of us” gets me every time. In the speech I gave my dad dying by suicide for the Kennedy forum. When I mentioned lyrics from Frank Turner I’ve had quite a few friends/people mention they first thought of this song. To be fair I did too when writing my speech out. Hell, I had 3 or 5 Frank lyrics in the first draft. I went in another direction and yes, this would have been perfect too. Long live your Queen. Or King. Remember if you love someone hug them right now.

Song 20
Hey look (or listen) more guitar. Shocking. I know. One of the greatest lyrics of all time. Describing my life perfectly. This one needs to be on my playlist “Songs for my Funeral”. “I see the light at the end of the tunnel now (I see the light) Someone please tell me it’s not a train (train). Mostly it’s a train.

Song 21
Bad ass bass creeping along. Then, the guitar slides in. Creeps too. Hell yes. Would you think less of me if I said this reminds me a bit of Solo Gilmour? Just the guitar. Not the song. The song is too Alt Country. Yes. That phrase has never died for me. I’ll use it until I die. I love, LOVE, the long fade. The last 2:49 is just a jam. And when the keys whomp whomp whomp at 4:34 game fucking over. This could on for 3, 4, 5 more minutes and I’d be ok with it. Hypnotic.

Song 22
See this is the flow I love. The fade of Brace right into this intro…hell yes. I’m sure it’s just me. My ears smile every time. I’m guessing not too many people would say that they think of the US Virgin Islands when they hear Screaming Trees come on. Me? I am someone that does. I lived there for 2 years. I listened to the hell out of these guys during that time. My mind goes right back to Thursday Alternative Night at a local bar. My buddy Jeff would go every week. I love feedback. As one should.

Song 23
Whoa. Insert Keanu Reeves Gif. We do have a lot of songs on this MMMM. This band has a special place in my heart. They played the very first charity concert we put together for my Dad. Every 2 years we raise money for a college scholarship in my Dad’s name. He was a HS counselor. We thought that would be a great way to celebrate a great man’s life. Thank you to this Cleveland band. Also, hell yes! David Bowie should be your hero. Piano rock at it’s finest. D-D-D-David Bowie.

Song 24
Moving just a bit North to Chicago. Love the horns. He is a brilliant lyricist. And, man this one doesn’t disappoint. The Back up singers take this one over the edge. “I used to want to die young…but it’s too late now”. See this man live. He puts on a show. Leaves it all on the stage.

Song 25
They mix in a bit of “dance” into their Rock and/or Roll. One of the best damn songs you’ll hear with a Cough in it.

Song 26
Some think the moniker is dumb. I am not one of those. I love it. Upbeat tune? Or a purposeful counterpoint to the depressing nature of the lyrics? From the outside (or on Instagram) people look like they have the perfect life. All is good. They have it all. Not always. Also, always be careful with always and never.

Song 27
Nick is a master. And a monster live. Plus, this song is the part of the Bible story. How bloody cool is that? I love that he nicknames him Larry for NYC in 1970s. Ah…poor Larry.

Song 28
Another upbeat song about lack of connection. Sad. Yes. That first line is a killer. Gotta hate it when no one replies to your text. Someday he’ll figure out what love is. I’m sure of it. You can’t write a song like this is if not on the verge.

Song 29
Why don’t we think about what we’re doing to each other. Not just with gun violence. Everything. Online. Everything. Getting deep with rock n roll.

Song 30
Fun. More chair dancing. Can’t help it. The call and response is lovely. It’s a cover. And straight forward which isn’t always the case with Mr Zevon.

Song 31
This band. Holy balls I listened to a lot of. The horns. The howls? that echo the horns. Well, actually they use the horn to echo the yells. It builds up. It’s euphoric. It may be religious.

Song 32
We must be getting close to the end, no? It’s about an un planned pregnancy, right? Regardless this – lyric kills me “You said there’s good news – I said there’s no such thing”

Song 33
In case you forgot I love feedback. They were the masters at it. Glorious noise. Frustration, love, and sex. Rock and/or Roll. Or. Or. Hear me out it’s from a girl’s perspective. Sure I’ll play your games…and kick your ass and you’ll still think I taste like honey. Or. Or…forget it. Just listen on repeat.

Song 34
If you have any mixes from me in HS there’s a good chance that I “hid” this song at the end of the Maxwell tape. Just to get your reaction. Usually it was happy. It’s a test. Did you pass?

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