Wild Adriatic played our 50/50/20 party. Yes, it’s a big year in the Snow/Bro household. A lot of zeros. Both Kate and I turned 50 and soon it will be our 20th wedding anniversary. I think the 20th gift is a nap, right? We decided to have a bit of a blow out. And for a proper blow out you need a band, right? Actually I know the the answer. The answer is always live music. Need a great band well – none better in life than Wild Adriatic.

I’ve known Wild Adriatic for awhile and asked if they would be available to play. They said they could. Yay. Sorry…what I meant was “Bloody Awesome!!!”. Was that over the top? I don’t do exclamation points but have been told I need to on occasion. Wild Adriatic and I talked about playlist. I had never heard them play Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home” and they are professionals so I was quite sure they could learn it in time. I wanted to surprise Kate by having the band play a song for her to sing. Being a surprise, I needed it to be a song, I knew, she knew, and could sing, basically, on demand. I didn’t want to mess that up.

Here’s Kate singing with her local cover band Clever By Accident.

CBA? How did Kate Snow, NBC Anchor and reporter become a lead singer for a cover band? It just kind of happened. Kate sang all through high school and college and a few year ago we were at a dinner party when a friend mentioned his band needed a singer. I jumped in and said “Kate sings.” He said just come and practice with us once and see how it goes. It went quite well. It’s Kate and 3 dads. They all have day jobs. It’s just for fun. But Kate will tell you what a great stress release it is! Plus, did you listen to her yet? Holy balls my bird can sing. And we all need stress relief.

Meanwhile back at the 50/50/20 party Wild Adriatic surprised Kate with this song. Asked her on stage.

Sounds fantastic and imagine if they could have sound checked or practiced a few times. Rumor has it there is a good recording. I’ll post when (if) I get it. Thank you again Wild Adriatic for playing this for Kate. And me.

Watching this again I’m wondering if they should release a studio version. Let’s make this happen. Thoughts people? Would anyone else want that to happen? I can’t be alone in thinking that. Actually I can. Usually am alone in thinking things. But not this time, right?

My Mum sent me this video. Thanks Mum. I was in the moment. I didn’t think to take video. I know…I’m a bad husband. She sent me this video and added this quick story. Kate started singing and my Mum was taking photos. One of our neighbors said “Video. You should be shooting video.” Good call. Thank you.

I want to thank everyone. Whether you were at the party or not. It was a lovely evening. It’s good to celebrate the the good. Good friends. Good venue. Good music. Good drinks. Good conversations. Live music is good for your soul. So are friends. I really can’t begin to explain how much you mean to Kate and I and our family. You are truly wonderful. Thank you for being part of our life.

Full band of CBA playing “Can’t Find My Way Home”. Last version.

Wild Adriatic on Tour. Amazing live. Must see.

Going through my phone right now. I can’t believe I don’t have photos of the night. Not 1. I was just in the moment. All the moments. So if you have photos send them my way. I really (REALLY!!!) should have taken one of Kate and WA. What was I thinking?

Thank you again friends and family. Thank you again Wild Adriatic. Thank you Kate. It’s been a great life. It’s all because of you. I love you. Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze.


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