Thank you Eden James.

He grew up in Australia. Moved to London. Now he calls Brooklyn home. That’s not enough adventure. I make him venture out of the city into the wilds of Westchester. No, that is not upstate. Just a quick Metro North ride. Simple. One must be careful to get the right train, though. Or at least realize that one is on the wrong train before one is (almost) upstate. Crisis averted. Thanks to the quick thinking Eden. Evening of interview saved.

Eden made it. I picked him up at the train station.

We set up the camera. Poured a lovely Hibiki Japanese whiskey. Tuned a borrowed guitar (thank you Tim Kemp, from Kate’s garage band, Clever By Accident). Grabbed the Big Red Bowl. Hit record. And chatted.

This part 1 of a few parts.

Eden James is interviewed by Chris Bro from All Things Next, and Eden gives an acoustic unplugged performance of his song ‘The Villain’.

The recorded version and official release of ‘The Villain’ by Eden James can be found here –

Check out more at and subscribe above.

Eden’s latest “Dangerous Game” was a Notable Song of March 2019 on Next. Give it a listen along with a few other very listenable songs.

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