Next Week 672

March 13, 2019By ChrisGeneral, Music Podcast No Comments

Not feeling 100% and I may be hopped up on NyQuil so forgive me any trespasses. You are here for new music and thank you for being here for new music. You are my favorite kind of people. New music loving people. Hugs for everyone. Even the non new music people. Well, maybe not them. … Read More

Next Week 671 Full Show 03_06_19

March 6, 2019By ChrisGeneral, Music Podcast No Comments

Thank you for listening. You are lovely people for listening to new music. I can’t thank you enough. Next is your place for new music discovery. As always, our goal is to find you – a NEXT, new favorite song. Share with us any and all songs that make your ears smile. Or your brain … Read More