So we start with The Beatles. I have a feeling this mix might be ok. The naked version

The Bonnie Brea which is one of my favorite slow burn songs. Of all time. I just get this great, giddy, feeling. Plus Dulli is a badass live. So good. Situation dire. Yes, yes it is.

Papa was a Rolling Stone…this song should be on every mix. Just brilliant. I can’t believe it took 20 mixes until I pulled this tune out for a mix. Problem solved. If I put on Mix 21 you can not complain. Just enjoy the extended jam. You are welcome.

I’m reading the book so these guys are front and center. Just finished Tweedy’s too. Guess what? Yes, Jeff makes it too. Why? Because it kicks ass and the flow out of Papa is quite good too.

I’m a fan of flow…so there we go. Needed a good upbeat song coming out of The Beastie Boys and when I hit play on this one it sounded right. A deeper The Police seemed like the right call.

Bob is brilliant live. Plus I got to interview him on the radio once and my boss said you get 3 minutes with him…18 minutes later he came into the studio to tell me I went over. See him live. Thank me later. Maybe it was 13 minutes later – either way I could have chatted with Bob forever. I don’t think I have tape of the interview anymore. Sad face.

Hey look it’s Jeff Tweedy’s song when he was in Uncle Tueplo. Hey Chris have you read his book? I have. I could read about 500 more pages of it too. Hey Jeff when’s book part two coming out? I still have the great tunes while I wait.

Yay music.

Frank messing around with his name again but this throw back song is so bloody cool. Sham a Lama Ding Dong indeed. I feel your pain Mr Black. Speaking of flow…oh hell yes this one takes Frank Black’s song and turns it up. Chris Bro happy boy.

I’m a big fan of Love. And yes I’ll travel for it. Hell I went to Albuquerque to find it from Chicago. Would that qualify as traveling? Sure I had no idea I would find love but find love I did…and it traveled. Hey sometimes you drink a few beers, write a few words, and a few of those words don’t make sense. But some of the those words make perfect sense. Which one is this one? I may never know. Kick ass song either way. Maybe I re-read this tomorrow and delete the whole bloody thing.

Welcome to my stream of Consciousness.

Holy balls this band. One of the greatest runs of albums. Top to bottom. Left to Right. Front to back. The more I think about it the more I think they are creeping into legendary areas.

Sadly, this band is no more but from the ashes they are doing just fine. Better than fine, in fact. I remembering watching them on the roof of a bar at SXSW many moons ago and being so bloody impressed.

This song. This album. It’s got a Kink’s feel. Don’t listen to how the lead singer sounds…listen to the feel. One of favorite songs of the last few years. This song comes on…and want, no need to drive faster. Luckily I own a Hyundai Kona…so it takes awhile to get over the speed limit. If I’m in the Audi though. Trouble. Turn it up.

Crazy ass name. Crazy talent from down under. Strong album. I have yet to see them live. I hope they are good.

Another band I can’t believe took me this long to get on a mix. Might have to make up for it. So much talent. Insane really.

I love – love. I may have mentioned that before. Just a cool vibe from Beck on this one.

Hey this is way more than 13 songs. Whatever. It’s rock and/or roll. Rules are made to broken.

Ray. That’s it. Ray.

Bad ass rock n roll to end it.

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