‘Tis the Season

Welcome to the Bro Holiday Party Mix 2018.

Although, I’m sure I’ll just add to this mix instead of creating a new one next year. Unless I hear back that this mix deserves coal. I should probably just name it Bro Holiday mix, instead of naming it a year. Oh well, on ward. Let’s jump into the sleigh. Grab blankets and cuddle up to keep warm.

123 Songs. 6 hours 27 minutes of music.

Perfect background tunes for your over-the-top holiday party. Or maybe it’s just the family – we have your festive playlist. We are setting the Holiday mood. Enjoy. That’s one item (music) to check off your list.

You could be wrapping presents or trying to put together the “Big Toy” before your little ones get up. These tunes will help get you through. Plus, a bit of bourbon? PS: you don’t need those directions. You got this.

I’ve included old-school classics to modern-day covers. The Snow/Bro’s had their holiday party so we took this playlist for a good run through.

I might have a bit of tweaking to do. If you listen to NEXT you know I have a thing with “flow”. I’m sure I’ll listen and hear a “better order” with a few of these. I encourage help. If you hear a “train wreck” let me know.

So whether this is your favorite season of music listening or holiday tunes turn you into a Grinch who can’t wait until January 26…give this playlist a listen and let me know what you think.

Wishing you, yours, and everyone the happiest of holiday seasons.

Also, remember we are smacking dab in the middle of our Notable Songs of 2018. So you can always give X-Mas tunes a break for 55 odd minutes and remember a few of our “old” favorites of 2018.

Enjoy it all and remember if you love someone hug them right now.

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