Hey it’s still Monday. I think this is a good one. Soft. Loud. Louder. Smart lyrics.

Man, I love music. Share with me your favorite song of the 13.

Or don’t.

Song 1
This song means more right now then ever before

Song 2
what a brilliant groove.

Song 3
love the “one more time”

Song 4
Upper to mid tempo rockers…Bob does them best. His lyrics are painful. He just rips.

Song 5
Worth listening to The Pixies cover too.

Song 6
inspirational lyrics. We all want to break that spell. Good luck.

Song 7
Fun tune by the brothers Robinson. Dare I say dance song? Funky bass. Great guitar. It builds to a great jam.

Song 8
Jason Isbell and Chicago? Match made in heaven. Game over. One great slow, mellow build too. Does he take a swig of beer at the end?

Song 9
This song makes me smile. It’s a good headphone tune. Doesn’t so much as end as just run out of steam.

Song 10
They usually do. Shama Lamba Ding Dong. Done and done. And harmonica…

Song 11
Nothing wrong with being a happy kid (with sad sap inside). I get this. Happy is good.

Song 12
It’s a good, slightly odd tune. T Heads meets TMBGs vibe. Love the keys.

Song 13
Great ending…I like the juxtaposition of lyrics and music. Makes chris bro happy boy.

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