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Song 1
Bowie starting a mix. Dangerous, could be too high a bar

Song 2
When in doubt PG. Especially off “Melting Man”

Song 3
Monster cover. Need to see this man live. Brilliant.

Song 4
It’s got a cool “modern” take on blues. It was a minor hit, right?

Song 5
GBV is always hit or miss. He/they come out with so much. Quite a bit feel like first or second drafts. This song is great. Added bonus during my college soccer playing life my name was Bulldog. Not Chris. Not Bro. Bulldog. Honestly, I bet that there are people that went to my college that have no idea what my real name is.

Song 6
This song made quite a few mixes. It was a “go to” for awhile.

Song 7
“Old” Nate. Remember when his band wasn’t using Horns? Made all the difference.

Song 8
I listened to the hell out of this album. As a recovered catholic I found the lyrics fascinating. Their arc reminds me a bit of KoL (almost kinda Gomez too). Fist few albums “dirty” not glossy. Then radio gods. Everything got “clean”.

Song 9
Would make a good World Cup tune. Some AD should have this playing for sure…no?

Song 10
Fits with song 9. May need a few listens before I keep this one in. There are bad words. That’s a bonus. Also, singer kinda (barely) reminds me of Bob Schneider. Another bonus.

Song 11
Eddie solo sounding great. The whole album is good.

Song 12
So in my new job at Lately we use Slack. There is another radio guy also named Chris and he posts a song everyday. This was his latest post. Nice pick.

Song 13

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