Monday Morning Music Mix 17

July 16, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

Hey it’s still Monday. I think this is a good one. Soft. Loud. Louder. Smart lyrics.

Man, I love music. Share with me your favorite song of the 13.

Or don’t.

Song 1
This song means more right now then …

Week 637 Full Show 07_11_18

July 11, 2018By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

Welcome to another week of me trying like heck to find you at least one song that you say, “Damn…I like that one a lot”.

If you like what you hear…share it on social media.

Thanks enjoy it all.


My 3 Songs The “Thank You” One

July 6, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

The rules for My 3 Songs is simple.

I give out a topic on social media and listeners list their 3 favorite songs that fall within the topic.

This time around it was “Thank You” songs. Only makes sense since …

Week 636 Full Show 07_04_18

July 4, 2018By ChrisGeneral, Music Podcast No Comments

Welcome to a new month of new music. Thanks for listening.

Like what you hear…share it on social media.

Thanks enjoy it all.

Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t have bands like this around to support. Buy an album, …

Monday Morning Music Mix 16

July 2, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

Hello and welcome to another MMMM

I appreciate you listening and love that you follow me on Spotify. If you don’t follow me please do. Or don’t.

Song 1
Bowie starting a mix. Dangerous, could be too high a bar…