Clever By Accident Live!

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Name change but the band is the same. Anchor and the Men are now Clever By Accident. Kate and 3 Westchester working dads are ready for another show. They are playing Chat 19 in Larchmont NY on Thursday, June 14. Music starts around 9 pm. It is Rock n Roll after all. So we can’t … Read More

Prince Would Be 60

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Happy B Day Prince. You are missed. Glad to see his estate honoring him on birthday number 60. They are releasing a new live album called “Piano & A Microphone: 1983”. It’s just the man and his piano. This was recorded while he was working on Purple Rain. So yeah the man was just a … Read More

Week 632 Full Show 06_6_18

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It’s Wednesday and that means new music. Listen to the songs. Then share with us a comment or 2 about the songs. Did you find a NEXT, new favorite? Was there a song that you weren’t happy about. Give the good, the bad, and the ugly. Enjoy it all. Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t … Read More

Pearl Jam’s “Amongst The Waves” Charts

June 5, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

On this day in 2010, “Amongst the Waves” enters @Billboard’s “Rock Songs” chart at #50. 50 Bro? Yes. Well, basically, it’s just an excuse to listen to Pearl Jam. Live because PJ is brilliant live. Official vid One more live. Photo video but live performance from PJ “Bootleg”

Song Of The Day: Muddy Ruckus

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One hell of a rocker. Throw the windows down. The pedal on the right makes the car go faster and thus makes this song sound better. Enjoy. PS: 8 views is just wrong. C’mon NEXTers. Let’s get this up. Remember this song and others can be heard on Our Notable Songs of May. Week 631. … Read More

Monday Morning Music Mix 12

June 4, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

This is number 12. You know what’s going on. Thanks for listening. Song 1 I told you there will be PG. Song 2 If Sting thought there was too much info back then…whoa boy. Song 3 One of my faves by the only band that mattered. Never liked that saying but there it is Song … Read More


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Remember our nights? I do. I had fun. Well, it looks like a company has something set up quite similar for Spotify. It’s called JQBX, Jukebox. Everybody needs premium but right now it’s a good time to try it. 3 months at .99. You can cancel at anytime or get charged $9.99 on the … Read More

My 3 Songs: The “Please” One

June 3, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

I like “My 3 Songs”. It’s crowd sourcing. It’s Waze for music. Every so often I offer up a topic and my listeners list their 3 favorite songs that fit within said topic. This time our “My 3 Songs” had to have “Please” in the title. I’m a dad and I insist that my kids … Read More