Prince Would Be 60

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Happy B Day Prince. You are missed.

Glad to see his estate honoring him on birthday number 60. They are releasing a new live album called “Piano & A Microphone: 1983”. It’s just the man and his piano. This was …

Week 632 Full Show 06_6_18

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It’s Wednesday and that means new music.

Listen to the songs.

Then share with us a comment or 2 about the songs.

Did you find a NEXT, new favorite? Was there a song that you weren’t happy about. Give the …

Pearl Jam’s “Amongst The Waves” Charts

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On this day in 2010, “Amongst the Waves” enters @Billboard’s “Rock Songs” chart at #50.

50 Bro? Yes.

Well, basically, it’s just an excuse to listen to Pearl Jam.

Live because PJ is brilliant live.

Official vid

One more live. …

Song Of The Day: Muddy Ruckus

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One hell of a rocker. Throw the windows down. The pedal on the right makes the car go faster and thus makes this song sound better.


PS: 8 views is just wrong. C’mon NEXTers. Let’s get this up.

Remember …

Monday Morning Music Mix 12

June 4, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

This is number 12. You know what’s going on.

Thanks for listening.

Song 1
I told you there will be PG.

Song 2
If Sting thought there was too much info back then…whoa boy.

Song 3
One of my faves …


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Remember our nights? I do. I had fun. Well, it looks like a company has something set up quite similar for Spotify. It’s called JQBX, Jukebox.

Everybody needs premium but right now it’s a good time to try …

My 3 Songs: The “Please” One

June 3, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

I like “My 3 Songs”. It’s crowd sourcing. It’s Waze for music.

Every so often I offer up a topic and my listeners list their 3 favorite songs that fit within said topic.

This time our “My 3 Songs” had …