You know what to do. You know that it’s never posted in the AM. Well, maybe one was.

Enjoy the tunes.

Song 1
I’ve had Ryan Adams on the brain ever since he blew me off on Twitter when I asked (nicely) to write Kate a Sunday Nightly News jingle.

Song 2
Love this album. Not sure I ever hear this tune on the radio. Someone buy me a radio station so I can fix this

Song 3
Albums come into your life at the right times sometimes. This one was perfect. Man, I remember cruising around in my manual shift Toyota Tercel Hatchback with no AC sweating my balls off and blasting this one.

Song 4
S fucking R V. This another that I’m sure I’ve ever hear on the radio. Off the “In Step” album. Step in this case is a reference to sobriety.

Song 5
Solo Kef goes with SRV me thinks.

Song 6
Just noticed (in my head) that I haven’t listened to B Keys in a long while. Fixed.

Song 7
Damn cool tune. Just in time for a pool party.

Song 8
Remember when songs like this where all over the radio? Man, those were the days. Also I heard a rumor that it’s about a girl teaching another girl how to masterbate. I bet you didn’t think that you’d read that sentence this Monday. You are welcome. Even if it’s not about that…it could be. Listen again.

Song 9
This song comes on I almost feel like a teenager again. Gotta love the slow, fucking Loud, slow. These 2 make a butt load of noise.

Song 10
Slowing it way the hell down. Maybe too much. Need to listen through again. I may end up moving this one around. This song is brilliant on so many levels. Let the lyrics wash over you.

Song 11
Deep PJ. We all need to be the captain of the LOVE Boat. We need more love.

Song 12
Don’t ask how this song got stuck in my head while putting this together but it’s a damn fun song. Happy Monday

Song 13
Didn’t know what to expect going to this concert (many moons ago) and holy balls they blew me away.

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