With the World Cup taking up most of my mornings and plus I work better later in the day…ok night…

I’m not changing the titles though.

I’m, also, sure that you’re quite use to the Morning Mix coming out in the evening.

Either way good mixes, yes?

At the very least grab a few tunes and make your own “Bro” mix.


Song 1
I don’t remember when or where I first heard this tune but holy balls I was excited.

Song 2
I’m not sure you could talk me into believing that any other modern band has a better studio run than this band. Holy Balls…just solid. No, better than solid. Crazy good.

Song 3
This one just felt right. Sometimes you go gut. Echo…

Song 4
Deep V Femmes. Enjoy. PS: They are still brilliant live.

Song 5
Honestly think this song was in my head thanks to a CVS. I hate that CVS has a better mix than most radio stations.

Song 6
I think of Metallica and I think of pre game HS soccer matches and this kid blasting them as loud as he could. Yes, I know this off Load…which is under rated. So that’s why.

Song 7
Our kids first concert. And was more than happy to join them for it.

Song 8
me too David Bowie (and Trent) (and Eno)

Song 9
had to. Again trusting the gut. I know it’s kinda like cheating but you and I will just have to deal with it the best we can.

Song 10
Loud Jay Farrar to help “bring us down from the last few tunes”

Song 11
I still miss him. Man, wonder what he would be talking about with David Letterman these days

Song 12
this album is so bloody strong.

Song 13
Upbeat-ish Jay (hawks). I should probably move this one up after Son Volt…Or is that just too goofy?

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