Is the original better? Up to you.

I’ll say this:
It’s not their wittiest. It’s not their funniest. It’s not their catchiest. It’s not their smartest.

It does sound like a big leap forward though. There are witty moments. There are funny moments. There are catchy as all get go moments too. There is smart.

So fear not Front Bottom fans. They are still “in” there.

And there are parts of the original I miss but this is a better take overall. And maybe I’m wrong. Hell, I usually am. So that wouldn’t surprise me.

Remember this song and others can be heard on this week’s show. NEXT week 632.

Older Song Of The Day
Seems like they have sadly been forgotten. Not sure I’ve heard them on the radio since the 90s.

Here’s the collection of 2018’s older SOTDs.

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