This is number 12. You know what’s going on.

Thanks for listening.

Song 1
I told you there will be PG.

Song 2
If Sting thought there was too much info back then…whoa boy.

Song 3
One of my faves by the only band that mattered. Never liked that saying but there it is

Song 4
One brilliant cover by the ever caustic one. Miss him. I bet he’d have something to say and it would be brilliant.

Song 5
One of my favorite albums by Bruce. Mostly because most people never listen to it. Great late night tune.

Song 6
Ben I don’t smoke. Never have but this song is so good. I agree if you don’t like the fire then just don’t come around. Love the bongo.

Song 7
I haven’t listened to this one in forever and holy balls it sounds good. I miss the jangly rock of r.e.m..

Song 8
One of my favorite tunes of that year…2006? 2008? Smart lyrics too.

Song 9
The Beatles breaking up was great for “The Quiet One”. Another one I hate but there it is. But could you imagine if The Beatles let him take 1/3 of the songs. Holy balls what great albums we missed out on. I might have to do a post on this.

Song 10
Davies thought it was bad then…holy balls…

Song 11
I’m not a dancer but this one has me doing a “mellow boogie” around the room

Song 12
Man this song sounds great loud.

Song 13
So does this one. Great way to end it but now I want more. That’s what I love about music.

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