Remember our nights? I do. I had fun. Well, it looks like a company has something set up quite similar for Spotify. It’s called JQBX, Jukebox.

Everybody needs premium but right now it’s a good time to try it. 3 months at .99. You can cancel at anytime or get charged $9.99 on the 4th month.

I figure for a dollar we can try this musical thing together.

I have set up 2 rooms. One room where we have multiply DJs. I called the room “All Things NEXTers.”

And one room where I dj for you. That’s the “Planet Chris Bro”.

I’m thinking I could sign on around 8:30 PM East time (ish) tonight. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll post when I’m signing on. Cool?

May start doing some noon and afternoon times too.

Thoughts. That way you can listen to a “Chris Bro radio station” during work?

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