Monday Morning Music Mix 15

June 25, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

You know what to do. You know that it’s never posted in the AM. Well, maybe one was.

Enjoy the tunes.

Song 1
I’ve had Ryan Adams on the brain ever since he blew me off on Twitter when I …

Mermaid Avenue Turns 20

June 24, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

On June 23, 1998, Billy Bragg & Wilco released the first complete album of new music created from previously unpublished Woody Guthrie lyrics.

Yes, that was yesterday and meant to post it then but alas life (World Cup soccer and …

Tape Deck Heart Gold in the UK

June 23, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

Congrats to Frank and everyone that worked on the album and if you own it congrats on your brilliant taste in music. In case, you forgotWhat a Gold Album is that’s 100,000 copies.

It was released in 2013. It’s Mr …

Week 634 Full Show 06_20_18

June 20, 2018By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

Hey just me playing new tunes on the radio.

Like what you hear…share it on social media.

Thanks enjoy it all.

Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t have bands like this around to support. Buy an album, or a …

Monday Morning Music Mix 14

June 18, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

With the World Cup taking up most of my mornings and plus I work better later in the day…ok night…

I’m not changing the titles though.

I’m, also, sure that you’re quite use to the Morning Mix coming out in …

Week 633 Full Show 06_13_18

June 13, 2018By ChrisMusic Podcast 2 Comments

Welcome to another week of me, trying to find you, a NEXT, new favorite song.

Like what you hear, share it.

Or at least leave a comment and let me know what is making your ears happy.

Please support these

Monday Morning Music Mix 13

June 11, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

Started this mix a wee bit before 11pm.

Thinking I may need to rename these mixes. Nah.

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

Song 5

Song 6

Song 7

Song 8

Song 9

Song 10

Song 11

Song …

Song Of The Day: The Front Bottoms

June 10, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

Is the original better? Up to you.

I’ll say this:
It’s not their wittiest. It’s not their funniest. It’s not their catchiest. It’s not their smartest.

It does sound like a big leap forward though. There are witty moments. There …