Happy Monday.

Back from backpacking. First time with the puppy. Bowie loved it. He was awesome. Great family time.

Now it’s time for music. Not just music but holy balls I love this mix. I need to listen through a free times but just putting it together just felt…good.

Let me know what you think.

Song 1
I asked my 12 yr old daughter…name me a song. This is the one she picked. OMG I love this girl. How brilliant? If you don’t love this song or this band really why are we friends? I miss them so very much.

Song 2
Zack and his church group had to put on the whole service the other week. They were putting together a mix to play through the service and when people were getting there seats. Zack picked this song. OMG I love this boy. How brilliant? I answer for you…it just is.


Song 3
So many great memories with this tune. I may have this on another mix…but it’s worth it. If radio can play the same song every hour and you still bloody listen then surely a single repeat wouldn’t kill you over 11 hours.

Plus it’s about a man’s dad that died.

I’ll meet you at the pub.

Song 4
main stream sure but bloody cool

Song 5
When in doubt Wilco. Gotta love Chicago boys.

Song 6
One of my favorite post The Clash Strummer tunes. As with the Reef tune I play this one way too much.

Song 7
One word…cool as hell. Yes, that’s allowed. Would Groovy as hell work better? how about under-rated album. The whole bloody thing is brilliant.

Song 8
They are not from PA but this song makes me smile.

Song 9
This song is deep. I love when a kick ass melody and bass line aren’t wasted by stupid lyrics. Love this song on so many levels. Plus horns. On tour they play plastic trombone.

Let’s live to love and love to live…

Song 10
Quiet cool. Mellow goodness. Crazy ass movie. Makes me worry about my kids constantly.

Song 11
Listened to this a lot in college. It’s been awhile.

Ahhh…yeah…still good.

Song 12
Are these guys still making music? I need to check. Loved the hell out of this tune.

Song 13
When Jim and I started 900 Seconds on Pleasantville Community TV this was Jim’s first tune. I miss Jim. I miss 900 seconds.

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