Hey, I actually put these songs together in the morning. This may be the first MMMM that that happened.

Enjoy the tunes.

Song 1
Still deciding whether this or “Eyes Without a Face” is the best start. Sticking with this one.

Song 2
Love the guitar at 2:24ish

Just listened to the mix again…yes it’s a good flow into “Eyes”. It stays this way.

Song 3
Quite sure PG will be on the next 15 or so of these mixes as Spotify just added his catalog. If you don’t think Melting Face is just about perfection I’m quiet sure we can’t hang out.

Song 4
Hugely under-rated Queen rocker. When’s the last time you heard this one on the radio? This needs to be on the radio.

Song 5
Truth in a 4 minute tune. Birth…school…work…death. A bit of fun in this too but thats basically it. Plus it’s fun to shout along.

Song 6
Always loved this tune. A basic “The grass is greener/don’t pee on my leg and call it rain” kinda song

Song 7
Just a bad ass song

Song 8
Love this VH album that I feel doesn’t get near enough love in their catalog

Song 9
So few albums but so many killer tunes. One of many.

Song 10
Was deciding which INXS song to include. Too many to choo, choo, choose. So I picked one that I know Kate loves.

Song 11
Gotta love The Mouse.

Song 12
Pulsing cover by the bald one and whomever else he deemed worthy at the time.

Song 13
I listened to the hell out of this tune and this album. Met them. Way super cool. That’s always a bonus.

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