13 random songs. I would say, in no particular order, but that would be lying. It starts that way then I need to move a few songs around. Flow needs to happen. Mostly. Sometimes. Most times.

Song 1
I’m gutted but holy balls do I love the line “my trousers seems to love your floor”. We’ve all had been knee deep in bad relationships, no?

Song 2
That bass. Holy balls. Just simmers. Hums along. Clicks up just enough then back to the simmer. Rumor is the song is about Mark Lanegan.

Song 3
Another simmer song…about drugs.

Song 4
Rumbles along nicely. Not sure I’ve played this one since 2003. Sounds great. I love “old” NEXT songs.

Song 5
Fun playful tune to get you through Monday, no?

Song 6
Fun band. Great album.

Song 7
My namesake. Yes I was named after St Christoper and Christopher Robin (From Pooh). Also how the hell do you “un-saint” someone 100s of years later?

Song 8
Have always loved this tune. Another groover.

Song 9
Does anyone (even the band?) know what the hell this song is about? A man cheating? masturbation? A killer? Surviving a drama? Also what a cool, messed up video.

Song 10
Love those go-go boots

Song 11
We all want something for free. Driving song.

Song 12
I’m just saying…wow another 2003 song. Gotta love those old NEXT tunes.

Song 13
Bye Bye. Not sure this is the perfect place for this tune. Maybe. Decent ending. Now listening again, yes it’s a good ending. Plus you gotta love any song that references an 80s Trans AM.

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