Yes, as per usual, not put together until 8:52. PM not AM. One of these days I’ll do a MMMM in the morning.

Let me know what song you’d like in a MMMM. Or don’t. Just listen. Maybe find a new, old favorite.

Let’s say I programmed a radio station. Would you listen to a station that played this set list?

Song 1
Those poor robots working in the dark. This is a cool groove. A nice way to start a MMMM, no?

Song 2
This one just flows perfectly. To my ears.

Song 3
DAMN cool song. What you need more? She was an English, white women signed by Motown.

Song 4
This was the first song that popped into my head. If I had to pick a Stones song. This one may win more times than I care to admit.

Song 5
Was going to go with the Stones sample tune but that’s just too obvious. Plus I love the intro. “Is verybody ready? Well alright a one, two, three, fooooouuuuur”

Song 6
Had to pick a Frank Black solo song. Not easy. Went with this one. I think the intro sold me. The simple guitar riff comes in at what 8 seconds. Just cool. If you wanted to argue for a different one I’d probably agree with that one too. Too many to pick from. I’ve got a HEADACHE.

Song 7
I love (LOVE) the line. It’s my life. Really is. Well not Kate. That was a light at the end of the tunnel. Everything else? Yes, it’s a train. Holy balls I’m fucked.

Song 8
Went un-deep with the UO. Gotta love Chicago.

Song 9
The only song to be banned from the radio as an instrumental. What the actual fuck? How does that happen? America sucks sometimes. Most times?

Song 10
On a mission to get people to say please and thank you. So thank you Mr Top for the Thank You Song. ZZ also has one of my favorite bits of trivia. Band where the only one without a beard has the last name beard. Too cool.

Song 11
Deep Police. Gotta love songs about blow up sex dolls. Maybe. Lovely twisted humor.

Song 12
Garage rock at it’s finest. More trivia? This dude wrote Tainted Love. Yes, that Soft Cell song is a cover.

Song 13
I love my sister too. Sisters. All 3.

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