Monday Morning Music Music 5

April 16, 2018By ChrisGeneral, Music No Comments

Another late night gathering of “older” tunes.

NEXT is for new. MMMM is for older songs. Soon I should just throw them all together. What think you? Keep them separated?

As usual, I’ll probably listen a few times and change …

Jack White SNL Skit Cut For Time

April 15, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

Not sure why/how this skit was cut and still not sold on Jack’s new album but this is a pretty good skit.

The best man (Luke Null) surprises the groom (John Mulaney) with a revelation about his bride (Cecily Strong) …

Song Of The Day: Michigander

April 10, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

Song of the Day
Cool easy intro.

Good harmonies. Mellow.

Then into a good mid-tempo jangly rocker.

How the hell does this only have 172 views? But Cardi Fucking B has whatever she has. Whatever it is, it’s too much …

Monday Morning Music Mix 4

April 9, 2018By ChrisGeneral, Music No Comments

Welcome to part 4. 13 random songs. For your listening pleasure.

Put together late Monday night.


Damn…I am all over with these 13. I’ll have to listen again (and again) before I get the right flow. May even need …

Rex Manning Day

April 8, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments


The trailer…in case you need a quick refresher about the 1995 film.

Today is Rex Manning Day. Why? Because in the film this is day that Rex Manning visits Empire Records.

The OST plus …

Next Week 623 Full Show 04_04_18

April 4, 2018By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

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