Wow I’m all over the place again.

Imagine I owned a radio station. Would you listen?

Does the mix drive you crazy? Remember this is basically songs not on NEXT. I think I need to break that rule and really give a true mix. I love digging into my “older” songs though. Thoughts I’m thinking.

Enjoy the tunes. Share your thoughts. Or don’t.

Song 1
This song popped into my head and kickoff this mix. I honestly can’t remember the last time I heard this song. It’s been years? It’s a cool start.

Song 2
BRUUUCCCCEEEE. If I had to pick one song. On most days I may pick this one.

Song 3
I listened to the hell out of this album. Because I had too. They never released more. Mostly people know the “Hit”. I think this song is cool as hell.

Song 4
Love this band. So many kick ass songs to pick. So many. I love the simple guitar solo around 3:44 or so. Fits perfect. Don’t wait too long…

Song 5
I was going to go deeper. See James and The La’s but this song just flowed with the James tune. Plus it’s a brilliant tune.

Song 6
This song made pretty much every mix I made for a few months in my life. This song just made it any and all mixes in my mid 20s.

Song 7
Getting the in way back machine…way back funky machine

Song 8
Once I picked The Prince tune this one popped into the head. I think they play nicely with each other. Maybe switched around though…Wonder then Prince? I need to listen again. And again…

Song 9
I love this tune. It’s “old school” cool. If the aughts were the 60s. Plus it reminds me of the Heat Miser song.

Song 10
I played this song loud…a…lot. And a good reminder to myself that I’m wrong. A lot. Mostly.

Song 11
Damn cool tune. Yes, had to have this one, no?

Song 12
And you don’t want to wander too deep into my mind but this was the song that popped in my mind when I listening to Flagpole Sitter…trying to think about what song should be next. I know. I don’t know how or why. Best you not try to figure it out either. I’ll turn this one up too.

Song 13
Needed an ending. And in these mmmm mixes I haven’t played a Richard Thompson tune. So here you go. RT. Deep RT. Plus you gotta love bible lust.

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