It’s called Monday morning music mix but rarely is it put together in the morning nor is the music geared toward the monday morning kind of tunes. Just 13 random songs. Enjoy.

Doesn’t mean some of these couldn’t fit within a “Monday Morning” mix. I just went with alteration. Everyone loves an alteration, right?

Song 1
Don’t know why or how I thought of this tune…but I did. Thought it might be a good intro tune. Didn’t really like it much when I first heard it. Who knows maybe I take it off the mix. Song 2 could be and is another great intro song on a mix.

Song 2
it’s also a favorite of Kate’s. So a nice way to begin a mix…it gets her on my mix’s side. If you get my drift.

Song 3
Another one of those, “holy balls where did this song come from”. Someone reminded me that it was in a Swayze movie. If you, or your song, makes a Swayze movie then you are alright with me.

Song 4
Digging fucking deep. Haven’t listened to Himmelman in forever. Maybe since the 90s.

Song 5
One of my favorite songs of the past few years. Just seemed to match the mode the mix was moving in. See him live. He is good.

Song 6
Speaking of brilliant live. Great voice. Also happy this song was used in an ad. Money for one of my favorite musical people around. Thanks for the music Todd. And Reena.

Song 7
Can’t break up the trilogy, right? I can’t. Love the flow.

Song 8
Was going to play “66” but saw it was in the top ten. Went deeper. Big fan of this album.

Song 9
Westerberg solo. He is the lyric man. I love listening to him.

Song 10
Not sure when I heard this tune. Probably since the year the album came out. We’ll see if I keep it in the mix…after a few listens.

Song 11
One of my favorites.

Song 12
Deep Pretenders. Have you ever heard this on the radio? It should be.

Song 13
it’s me…a good way to end it.

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