Album 5.

It was recorded in LA. Love what Frank had to said about that experience: “It’s such a cliché – bands reach a certain level of success, go to L.A. to record an album. I was nervous about recording outside the UK because my music sounds English and I like that, but in fact, it didn’t make any difference. We stayed at the Holiday Inn next door and didn’t finish until dark every day, so I scarcely saw the sun shine.”

It’s a “break-up album,” Turner stated: “There’s a lot of stuff on this record about loss and failure in relationships, about what happens when something that was supposed to be timeless runs out of time.”

Makes sense since a long-term romantic relationship had ended.

The artwork for the album was done by SWFL tattoo artist Heather Ann Law.

Tape Deck Heart has been given a Parental Advisory label due to “Bad Words” heard on tracks “Plain Sailing Weather” and “Good & Gone”.

The title of the album is taken from a lyric in the song “Tell Tale Signs”.

Got to see him live. Gotta.

My interview with Frank.

I was there to interview Ben and, luckily, Frank sat in. Love that man.

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