Another late night gathering of “older” tunes.

NEXT is for new. MMMM is for older songs. Soon I should just throw them all together. What think you? Keep them separated?

As usual, I’ll probably listen a few times and change the flow. Or maybe not. Sometimes I even take songs out. I may forget to change the description below the playlist. If so, pardon me.

Song 1
Bob was one. No he is my favorite on the radio interview I’ve ever done. My bosses gave me 3 minutes…but I think I chatted with him for 12. plus I asked him to play a cover song.

Song 2
Met them once. Brilliant guys. Just so nice. Answered all the musically nerdy questions I had.

Song 3
Man, KoL were so young and raw. I miss this a bit. OK more than a bit.

Song 4
LL just sounds good here, no?

Song 5
First song I thought of after I put in “Mama Said…” Plus you can’t not “air guitar” to this one. And I, too, have given up trying to figure it out. I am so clueless.

Song 6
Deeper JA. Plus he sings about pissing on himself. And this was there breakthrough album, right?

Song 7
Deeper Crowes. So many to pick from. I hope this one makes you smile a bit. And the count in is classic. Just lovely. “One time”

Song 8
Remember when they rocked? I do. Met them once. They were dicks.

Song 9
I listened to the hell out of this album.

Song 10
Not sure about the flow from Everclear…but I love the build up in this tune. This is an “air drum” song, no?

Song 11
mellowing out man…I added this one early on but moved it down in the flow. Still not sure where it fits about like it into…song 12.

Song 12
One of my favorite moments of a SXSW. They were brilliant live.

Song 13
Another good moment of a SXSW. I remember they were the first band I did “Simple Questions with Chris Bro” and we drank way too many Maker’s and Cokes. Way too many.

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