Welcome to part 4. 13 random songs. For your listening pleasure.

Put together late Monday night.


Damn…I am all over with these 13. I’ll have to listen again (and again) before I get the right flow. May even need to switch out a few songs. Let me know what you think.

Song 1
Old time-y MMJ is just a good way to start a mix.

Song 2
Blur’s best song? Could be. Should Be. May be. Let’s just say yes. Plus it follows the general mix rule of start solid but follow up with a killer.

Song 3
continue the upward killer tune

Song 4
Now in making a mix…you don’t want to blow your load. We slow it down just a bit. But it’s cool. It’s a deep tune by a beloved band. Damn…I haven’t listened to this song in quite a while. It sounds so bloody good. HI…HI HI HI…HI

Song 5
This was actually the first song I picked for this mix. I stated making the “Morning” mix at about 11pm and thought this was a good poke at the title. Plus just damn cool. Love the ladies in the background. So bloody cool.

Song 6
I have a few Jude tunes that I go to. This one seemed like it fit after Mr Charles.

Song 7
Love the first 2 solo albums form Floyd’s Gilmour. Wanted something off the first but they just didn’t fit. Was going to do the “cute” Townshend wrote this song for Gilmour then play a solo Pete but decided I needed “Murder” not “All Lovers Are Deranged”. I think that makes sense. It does to me. Bonus…amazing solo to close out the song. Just wails…in his mellow, cool way….and the he plays into the fade…

Song 8
I kinda told you above why Pete. Solo.

Song 9
Love this band. Sadly, saw the last live show at the 9:30 club. It was a brilliant show. I miss him. Plus this a fun “air guitar” song. Go crazy…then jangly…then go crazy.

Song 10
Wasn’t sure about this one. But I think it flows just fine after listening twice though. The start of a different vibe for the final few songs then…

Song 11
Not too rocker. Not too acoustic. Just right to combine the top half and the mellow/cool last bit? Sure.

Song 12
Deeper Franti just makes sense after TC

Song 13
Last one. Something funky cool without being funk. No? Yes?

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