The trailer…in case you need a quick refresher about the 1995 film.

Today is Rex Manning Day. Why? Because in the film this is day that Rex Manning visits Empire Records.

The OST plus other songs in the movie but not on the soundtrack.

And it’s saved…

Empire Records is being turned into a Broadway musical in a 2020. 2020 is the film’s 25th anniversary. The stage adaptation includes the film’s original writer Carol Heikkinen. Music and lyrics written by Zoe Sarnak.

Sarnak had this to say about the about the adaptation:

I first saw Empire Records when my older sister brought it home on VHS – I remember sneaking into the TV room while she was watching it with her friends. Over the years, I watched it again and again because that cast – those characters – were my idea of the coolest misfits. Teenagers who loved music as much as I did, and still do. The film’s music so iconically captured the sound of that decade – a sound that has indelibly shaped my own aesthetic.

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