Monday Morning Music Mix 7

April 30, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

Wow I’m all over the place again.

Imagine I owned a radio station. Would you listen?

Does the mix drive you crazy? Remember this is basically songs not on NEXT. I think I need to break that rule and really …

New Bob Schneider

April 29, 2018By ChrisGeneral No Comments

Is it Classic Schneider? FAYM

Easygoing lope? Yes.

Serene vocal? Of course.

Good choral hook? You better believe it.

Schneider wrote, “All of the songs on the album are from the last couple of years, since right before my daughter …

Monday Morning Music Mix 6

April 23, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

It’s called Monday morning music mix but rarely is it put together in the morning nor is the music geared toward the monday morning kind of tunes. Just 13 random songs. Enjoy.

Doesn’t mean some of these couldn’t fit within …

Week 625 Full Show 04_18_18

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Simple goal: Find you a NEXT, new favorite song. Share what songs turn you on.

Leave a comment. Tweet it. Instagram it. Tell a friend.

New music discovery made easy. We do the work. You listen. If you like what …