First, you must see “The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling” on HBO right now. I knew the man’s work. I watched his shows. I knew a bit about him.

I love that Shandling (mf’ing autocorrect. Handling? I fucking want to write Shandling. NOT Handling. I know my spelling is bad but stop. Just stop it autocorrect)

Ok back to were we were.

I love that Shandling (yes, it was autocorrected) was in a position to help others and did. That should be your goal in life. I wish I had some semblance of power so I, too, could help others. It’s tough to do as a stay at home dad.

I am looking for work. Who would like to be my Garry Shandling?

Eddie Vedder and Judd Apatow sing a duet to Garry Shandling using Shandling’s own words.

Well, Eddie wrote the song then “made” Judd “sing” duet. Judd obviously knows funny and went with it for many reasons I suppose. Humor. For his friend and mentor. For the extra hits.

A different view, and not as high quality, of the song.

Now I must find “The Garry Shandling Show” somewhere and show it to my son. I think he would appreciate it.

Conan is brilliant. This is his goodbye

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