It’s another Monday Morning Mix. Put together on a Tuesday afternoon. These 13 songs random mixes are usually of “older” songs. Why? Well I cover new songs with NEXT.

Thank you for listening.

Song 1 and Song 2
So many, many moons ago I worked on a radio station that was FreeForm. That means that the DJs picked every song that they played. It was the greatest few years of my radio life. And yes every radio station you listen to is programed by a playlist in a computer that spits out not only the songs but when you talk. Every show I would play a r.e.m. song. I had to play Bob or Sugar. A Bob song. Every Show. Usually Floyd made it too. If my shift was over I didn’t play r.e.m. I felt like I let myself down. I wonder if any listeners noticed?

Song 3
She was/is a bad ass. I still can’t help but thinking of a certain corn flakes story that I heard about Shirley once.

Song 4
Bad ass song by a bad ass group. Under-rated Stones song?

Song 5
After a bit of thinking, after he calmed down, Strummer said shouldn’t have fired Jones …and that may BAD was probably the right direction for The Clash. Or maybe I’m mis-remembering.

Song 6
I think I think I first heard this from the captain of a rented sailing boat that Kate and I got invited to sail the coast of Turkey. One of the best trips every. We did the Greek islands for a week then met up everyone in Turkey for another week on the sail boat. Just awesome. Plus it’s about the singer’s dad dying and since my Papa died this song brings about more feelings. That’s a good thing.

Song 7
When in doubt Wilco. I may have seen them more than any other band.

Song 8
Cover me I’m going in. Nice job Joan.

Song 9
I played this song once on the FreeForm radio station and got quite a few calls about it. Which was impressive as I worked overnight. That’s Midnight to 6 am. I actually loved that shift. Also got quite a few interesting phone calls that time of night/morning.

Song 10
Man, I played this album a lot. Always loud. It was a favorite on my walkman as I biked around. I biked everywhere. I had no car.

Song 11
Catchy. Funny. They rarely happen together. So when it does my ears smile.

Song 12
Don’t know how this tune popped up. I not sure I’ve listened to it since I played it on NEXT. Does it hold up?

Song 13
I probably should move this one after the Chambers Brother cover by Ms Jett. Maybe not.

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