Quickly put together 13 songs this afternoon. Yes, 13. I’m counting the “Intro” as part of the School Of Fish tune.

I may change the order or even a few songs after I listen to it. Comments? Hints? Give ’em to me.

Enjoy. This could become a weekly thing. Or not.

Song 1
I’ve been thinking about this song for days. Not sure why. Maybe because Kate was reporting at the Olympics. Could I be that transparent to myself?

Song 2
TATE. One of the biggest LIVE surprises of my life. Brilliant live. I was sure they’d be good but holy balls they great. Also they meet a small Abby and were very nice to her. She was about 5 or 6? She doesn’t remember but I do.

Song 3/4
3 Strange Days? 3 Strange years…that was my college life. I’m going to tell you more than that.

Song 5
Steal from the Stones? Good call.

Song 6
I need more The Cure in my life. For some reason they’ve been absent. Fixing that.

Song 7
What a bunch of brats. Love them. I still Don’t Know…and I’m 48. Man, I suck.

Song 8
Wonder how many “HUHs” they needed to record?

Song 9
Wilco is great. Billy is great. Together? Great. Thankfully. And this one? Just brilliant.

Song 10
I think this song doesn’t fit where I have it. May have to change the order. Maybe. I might be the only one that notices these things.

Song 11
I like to boogie. In my chair. I don’t dance. I’ll head bob though. OK…I barely ever dance. You’ll more than likely find me belly up to the bar.

Song 12
As I was adding J Geils I was thinking this would fit nicely.

Song 13
Listening to a lot of Kinks lately. Never a bad thing. But this one wasn’t one of them. Needed to fix that. Still think of the VH cover when listening. strange.

Song 14
Actually song 13. Kinda. Not sure why this popped into my head. Good ending, no?

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