First came up with this idea while at The Peak. The Peak didn’t want this idea. I’m quite sure NEXT was already too big for them and they didn’t want me to have another specialty hour.

I did pitch this one as half an hour specialty show. I posted this originally on November 25, 2009 on the NEXT website. Don’t remember when the pitch was to the radio station. I always liked this logo too.

Take a listen and tell me you wouldn’t want to listen with your kids…anyway I thought it was a good idea. Maybe it’s not. Either way, let me know.

Now that I started doing Spotify playlists again I thought that this might be a cool way for Mums and Dads to share music with wee little ones (without Barney and the like). Worked with my kids. We had some epic dance parties.

I’ll try to do this weekly (bi-weekly?) or maybe monthly depending on how you react. So let me know if you want more.

The Songs
Justin Roberts – The Backyard Super Kid
Barry Louis Polisar – Giggle Tickle Fiddle Little Wiggle Around
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Mary Had a Little Lamb
Ralph’s World – Folsom Daycare Blues
Barenaked Ladies – Bad Day
Brenton Woods – Oogum Boogum
Tally Hall – Banana Man
James Kochalka – Hockey Monkey

Also the music is good and fun and honestly you may want to listen to it without the kids in the car too.

Please let me know if you have any songs/groups that you feel would fit this format.


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