See Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Record New Song With Foster Kids
Guitarist invited five young musicians into band’s studio to record “Try So Hard”

Franky Price, the 20 year old, who was in foster care for two years provided much of the rapping on “Try So Hard.” He told a Treehouse employee that he struggled with depression. That employee suggested he participate in the session. Price has his own home recording setup with a microphone and computer. It’s a simple setup. The McCready experience was his first time in what he describes as “a legit studio of that caliber.”

Price is not a big Pearl Jam fan per se (“I enjoy their music, obviously,” he says), but meeting McCready taught him “not everyone in the music business is an ass, not everyone is self-serving.” Price also connected as on a human level when he learned that McCready struggles with Crohn’s disease. Price said, “I found it inspiring to learn that he was somebody who had been through health scares and suffered from a lot of depression but that he’s still here today making music.”

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