One of the best debuts.

40 years. That’s just crazy. I feel old. But not too old to CRANK IT UP!!!

First…how many times have you drawn that logo?

A lot. 100s? Ok onward.

Eddie changed the guitar. On this album, it took less than two minutes for Eddie to be taken straight to the top of “Guitar Rock God”. Yes, I’m talking about the instrumental “Eruption”.

Car horns that open “Runnin’ With The Devil,” which was a mishmash of Alex’s Opel, Eddie’s Volvo, a Mercedes Benz and a Volkswagen. Then at :19 seconds in EVH just rips in. You knew that this album was going to be with you for the rest of your life.

This album topped at 19, but it eventually went diamond by selling 10 million copies. RnR needed this album. Eddie’s mind-warping guitar skills plus David Lee Roth’s dirty-old-uncle act, bombastic drummer brother Alex, bassist Michael Anthony. MA looked over as a backing singer. Just solid. They were perfect.

Sadly, today we need another “Runnin’ With The Devil”.

Great interview. Eddie picks up the guitar at 24:51. Great chat about being an immigrant too. Chasing the American Dream. I guarantee that the White Bullies that beat him up and tossed his books etc are telling stories about how the Van Halen brothers went to their grade school and were buddies…

One minute with VH in the UK in 1978

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  • a game changing debut that began a string of 6 great (yes, Diver Down is great despite 5 covers) albums, in 7 years.
    In a time today where guitar feels less and less umportant, EVH was my first guitar hero. A true innovator and technical wizard. His much celebrated “Brown sound” and rotating versions of his Frankenstrat was visible proof of this.
    Roth was one of the best frontmen (notice I did not say singer) off all time. A true rock n roll carnival barker who always Knew where the party was. The commanding drums of AVH were sometimes overshadowed by his younger brothers heroics. (Who does not remember the double bass drum opening to Hot For Teacher?) Finally the very underrated background vocals by Michael Anthony, as well as his competent bass was VH’s secret weapon in my opinion.

    This album came at a time when rock music was facing fading interest. Zeppelin was winding down, disco was dominating the charts, and punk was the new kid on the block that was coming up. This debut came out and injected some much needed life to an otherwise stagnant rock scene.

    The band was too playful and melodic to be considered heavy metal, too heavy and talented too lumped into hair metal. Perhaps they were just the greatest straight out American rock n roll band too come out of the 70’s.

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