Very cool tune. Kick ass video too. This song and others can be heard on this week’s new music radio show, NEXT Week 615

Also works as a brilliant “end of the year” video compilation song. You are welcome. You don’t even have to give me credit. Although that would be nice.

Friends. It all starts and ends with Friends. Thank you to all my friends. I love you.

Older song of the day
Had to include this one. Just the other day my 12 year old was humming this song. I said…what song is that? She said “Light at the end of the tunnel.” Holy balls, I had not thought of that song in ages. Thanks cool kid.

You also need to remember this song came out in 2009/10 (and was a Favorite Song of January 2010). So she was 4 years old when that tune was released.

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