I’ve been a fan of Hailey’s for quite a long time.

I got a message (email?) from her mother asking if I’d listen to her daughters. They were a duo at the time. Simple set up. Guitar. Cajon box. Voices. I said, “Sure”. She sent me amazing cover of The White Stripes “My Doorbell”. I was blown away. Hailey was 10. They didn’t have any quality recordings of the duo but I told Hailey’s mom if you record just a half way decent version; I’ll play it on the radio.

I knew if things went right – she would be huge. So huge she’d even forget that I was the first to play her song on the radio those many, many moons ago. Week 262 in fact. That was May 4, 2011.

This song comes out tomorrow.

I like the mouth trumpet. Well done Hailey. Be proud.

Ahead the curve? Yes. That’s why you listen to NEXT.

Enjoy it all.

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