Full disclosure. I am a co-founder of Music914. This non-profit was created to encourage a life long appreciation of music. Whether as a listener or a creator. We aim to build a community focused around the love of music. I think this is important I hope you do too.

This is just the first, of what I hope, are many musical experiences.

There is a Facebook event page. If you wouldn’t mind RSVP’ing.

On to the the five W’s.
Who: Music lovers (probably that live in Westchester NY)
What: A RnR Bookclub. Our first book is Hornby’s “Songbook”. Honestly, even if you don’t read it you can still show up and participate. One of the reasons we choose this as our first book.
When: Thursday 12/07 at 8PM.
Where: Frankie and Fanucci’s Pizza in Mamaroneck NY on Mamaroneck Ave. Just 2 blocks away from the Mamaroneck Metro North
Why: To get music lovers together and chat music. And drink beer. Or Wine. Or soda. Or water.

Also if you have any ideas that might be fun events please leave a comment.


  • What a great idea! We also are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called Yorktown Love In Action. We operate a used goods donation center and are celebrating the Grand Opening of our MUSIC & BOOK NOOK! We have used CDs, Vinyl LPs and hundreds of books. Our Facebook page has our address, hours and photos of the MUSIC & BOOK NOOK. Thank you and Happy Holidays. If you are in the area, please stop by!

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