This could be the oddest (and Highest) duet of all time.

1973. This was aired on TV. Man, what a time to be alive. Not sure even HBO would air this in 2017. Imagine twitter in 1973? This would get killed by some. Praised by others. Reminds me again that I was, and am, happy I didn’t have to grow up wanting/needing likes.

David Bowie is the host of a special edition of the ABC show Midnight Special. His show is called 1980 Floor Show, and features Bowie doing a duet of “I Got You Babe” with Marianne Faithfull. She wears a nun’s habit with an open back and I’m quite sure nothing underneath (see 10 second mark).

I think this is soundcheck

This looks like the tv show version.

Check out Bowie at 1:04 for a moment he is worried. Marianne “nods” off.

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