This was a damn fine week for new music. There are many songs you should enjoy. Listen to them all on last week’s new music radio show, NEXT, week 598.

Wednesday Song of the Day
It has a brilliant 90s feel to it and if you know Chris Bro you know the 90s make Chris Bro happy boy. Guess who is a happy boy?

Tuesday Song of the Day
Saw them at sxsw many moons ago. Always like them. Saw them early one morning (1am?) and holy balls they blew me away. Live music is good for your soul. See them live.

Wednesday’s Older Song of the Day
And this is why you don’t date a singer/songwriter.

She’s got some TP in her. I need to google her and find out what’s going on with her.

Tuesday’s Older Song of the Day
It’s always a good day for Damnwell tune, no?

Bonus Damnwells

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