These songs were played on last week’s, new music radio show, NEXT. Week 597. It was also when we said goodbye to the glorious Tom Petty.

Tuesday’s Song of the Day
Today is the first day of the week for most. Let’s be Champions this week. This song should be used for the World Series or Super Bowl advert. Now. It’s that easy. You are welcome for doing your job. Now someone hire me as a music supervisor please. Pretty please.

Monday’s Song of the Day
OK so I was going mellow as Monday was a day off. Plus it’s a damn cool song but Shout Out Louds but there’s no video for “No Logic”. That just doesn’t make any sense. Listen to the show.

So, I think to myself, I’ll embed PJ’s live Given To Fly. Quite the opposite of mellow. No video either. This one makes sense as it’s a movie. That’s not out yet. So I get that.

No worries great excuse to play TP. Great driving song. One of his best. Should be on everyone’s Tom Petty playlist. Enjoy.

Tuesday’s Older Song of the Day
Sad songs so much. Damn, I played the hell out of these guys in the 90s. I miss the 90s.

Monday’s Older Song of the Day
Since Monday’s song is now straight forward rock that is a great driving song…I’ll add an older straight forward rock song.

A must for any Tom Petty fan.

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