Everyone knows the hit songs. They are brilliant. Hell, there is a reason you know every song by heart.

They are not necessarily his best songs. Radio and Streaming playlists don’t take chances. They don’t want you to change the station. Often the case with great song writers, justice is not done by the radio “gods”. We should dig deeper. Let’s dig deeper.

Let me know if there’s a DEEP, not played on radio, Tom Petty Song that should be included.

The link if Spotify not playing the embed game. https://open.spotify.com/user/chrisbronext/playlist/5go2OpPu2evqtccOomP3dK?si=q3HCQFLxTiGixNcCaQx8xQ

and, of course, one of my favorite b sides (I think only in Japan) that I put on a handful of college mixtapes. I special ordered the single just to get this track. This isn’t in (on?) Spotify so…it’s not on the above mix. Enjoy.


  • I just by coincidence happened to be making a TP spotify playlist this week. as His passing has bummed me out from revisiting his music until now.

    Let me be clear that the list you compiled is great, but I do have several addition’s, which is more indicative of how great an artist he was as opposed to the quality of your picks.

    This is a work in progress as earlyI still have to get to the majority of the early Heartbreaker albums.

    Were “ Wildflowers” & “It’s Good To Be King” a singles? Because if not I would definitely put them in there.

    “Wake Up Time” final track on Wildflowers, wow what a great track.
    In fact all of Wildflowers is fantastic. “A Higher Place” “Only A Broken Heart” and of course the tracks you included.

    This brings me to the “She’s The One” soundtrack. This album always bring me back to my WCBR radio days as it came out around that time (1996?).

    This might be the most underrated Tom Petty album of all.
    Adding to the ones you included, I would add:
    “Angel Dream #4” ( I like both versions)
    “Climb That Hill”
    “Asshole” (great cover)
    “Zero From Outer Space”
    That makes almost the whole thing.
    Fuck this album is strong.

    And even taking out the big hits, look how solid Full Moon Fever is:
    “A Face In The Crowd”-Full Moon Fever
    “All Right For Now”-Full Moon Fever
    “The Apartment Song”-Full Moon Fever
    “A Mind With Heart If It’s Own”-Full Moon Fever
    And a couple more:
    “Blue Sunday”-The Last DJ

    Turn This Car Around-Highway Companion

    Compiling this list has raised some mixed emotions as it really highlights how much he is missed while at the same time remind me how much he gave.

  • “Wake Up Time” and the thoroughly gut-wrenching “Echo” are two I’d add. And that last line in David’s comment absolutely hits home. Not getting over this any time soon.

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