It was a fun night and live music is good for your soul
It was almost autumn but the weather wasn’t taking any notes. The bar opened the front window to let the glorious noise known as “Anchor and The Men” wash out to the sidewalk.

The crowd gathered. The lead singer stepped to the microphone. “Hey everyone” (or something to that effect) “We’re Anchor and the Men”. The music started. Drinks flowed. Friends chatted. A good time was had by all.

First song

Just warming up. I’m quite sure she was pointing right at me during the chorus.

New songs were played. Drinks flowed (did I mention that?). Old songs were played. The band may have had a better time than the audience. I think there may be another concert soon. Also if you can think of a name…

New song for AatM.

We’re all Alright!!!

Introducing the band members and most of the song. Did I mention drinks were flowing. I may have pushed the wrong button you’ll get the idea.

Thank you Anchor and The Men. Until next time. I hope you’ll join us.

Enjoy it all.


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