Hello new music lovers

NEXT was on Spotify.

Then, we took a few years off.

Then, a few NEXTers asked if I could add the NEXT playlist to Spotify.

Now, NEXT is back on Spotify.

So feel free to follow NEXT on Spotify. That way you wouldn’t miss your NEXT, new favorite song. Enjoy it all.

It’s not just the weekly radio show, NEXT, on Spotify. I’ve also included our special group activities as a playlist too. You’ll enjoy “my 3 songs” and others too. Links below.

Here’s on idea. Put on the “Scream” playlist at your next gathering and see how long it takes your visitors to realize every song has a SCREAM (or LAUGHING or WHISPERING). It’s a fun bunch of songs.

If Screaming or Whispering or Laughing songs aren’t the right moods for your BBQ/Party we did collect a few “songs that should make everyone happy”

Then when things are winding down

An easy way to keep up on what NEXTers are listening too

And, of course, the weekly show. Here’s last week’s show. Enjoy.

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