These song can be found on this week’s show NEXT week 594 (among other places)

Monday’s Song of the Day
Shame this song doesn’t have more that 58 Hundred views. I think it’s good. I think it’s worth a listen or 12 but lord knows I’ve been wrong before.

Sunday’s Song of the Day
Yes, that Hanson. It’s been 25 years. This is a new song off a greatest hits album.
Plus it’s a super cute video.

The collection of “SOTD” on one Spotify Playlist

Monday’s Older Song of the Day
Not sure why I thought of this song today…or how the hell I found this band but here you go.

Sunday’s Older Song of the Day
I can’t pick one. I’ll list two. Maybe 3. 5. Let’s see. Alt Country MFers.

Time does indeed heal…

God knows how many times I listened to this album in college. Love is an understatement.

and yes…someday I’ll change…just not today.

One more than I’m done. Prince done as country. You’re welcome.

The Collected “Older SOTD” on Spotify


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