I love hearing/seeing what NEXTers come up with.

Every so often I give out a topic and my listeners give 3 songs of their choice.

This time around the topic was “songs with a whisper” in them.

Play along next time via Facebook or Twitter. Links right here on the site.

Let us know if a song is missing.


  • Chris, I sent Spotify versions of #9 Dream and Happy Xmas/War Is Over (the correct song titles) to your FB page. Also, I listened to Revolution 9 and I’m not sure there actually is whispering on it after all. Might have to listen again. Listened to I’m Only Sleeping and there is for sure no whispering on it. Maybe I was thinking of I’m So Tired. Will check.

  • Some mumbling at the end of I’m So Tired. It isn’t really whispering. There was a lot of this sort of mumbling on Revolution 9, too. There were parts that sounded like a radio on in the background, not too loud, with someone talking .

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