William Thomas Berry was born on this day in 1958.

He is a retired American musician. Mr Berry is probably best known as the drummer for the alternative rock band, r.e.m.. When alternative actually meant something.

First time on TV. Of course, it begins with Bill pounding the tubs.

Holy balls I miss them.

An aside…can Eddie just introduce every band to the RnR HoF?

Bill quits

Just four guys…that rock.

Have I mentioned how much I miss them?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. I’ve said, and I think it’s still true, that if someone were to hire me as a MD for a new radio station, I’m quite sure, this would be the first song I would play.

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  • Wow, that clip from Letterman sure brought back a flood of memories of a college senior sitting in his basement studio apartment on Comm Ave, holding the antenna on his small color TV to improve the reception so he could watch one of his absolute favorite bands on late night TV. Like Eddie, I too must have listened to Murmur over 1200 times since that spring. Damn those guys rocked! Thanks for the post Chris.

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