Remember both of these world class tunes can be heard on this week’s next. Week 582. Enjoy.

Tuesday’s Song of the Day
It’s like the 90s never ended. And yes that’s a good thing. Big fan of Mr Sweet and this new album does nothing to get in the way of that love. I also love that he plays with stereo separation. Why don’t more artists do this?

Monday’s Song of the Day
Holy balls. What a voice. What a sound. What world do we live in? Messed up.

Tuesday’s Older Song of the Day
Before there was Presidents of the United States we had this odd ball Seattle band

Monday’s Older Song of the Day
Hard rock played Scot. Ashley is Canadian. Cape Breton Island.

Had to play this one. May be more relevant today than when it was written. This is a cover.

I remember playing this tune at the first radio station that allowed me on the air. As an intern. They were a suburban XRT wannabe in Arlington Heights. Man, I loved that “job”. What a time. Before Clinton allowed the massive buyouts of Mom and Pop stations. Before computers. Before Clear Channel (and their ilk) owned everything. This was a song that had a chance to be played on the radio. Crazy.

Can’t find The Giraffes tune on spotify…that seems fair as there’s only 200 views on YouTube and I haven’t thought of that tune in a few decades.

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