The one and done tour was a huge success. A good time had by all. (a bit bummed at the lack of NEXTers). A big thank you to friends, family, and music lovers of all ages that came out for the show.

They packed the place and sounded great thanks to the wonderful sound guys at BNK Productions.

Their playlist

After the encore they played “American Girl” once more because, as their first song, they were still playing around to get the perfect mix. It was a great way to end the night (and start the night).

Want to hear what they sounded like? It’s off an iPhone so the quality is just decent but you’ll get the general idea.

And this one is quite a bit of bar fun. See if you spot the other Anchor.

This one just makes sense…

I’ve already hear a few rumors that they may try to find a replacement keyboard player (he is moving to San Francisco) and add a few more songs to their set list. Any suggestions? I’ll pass them along. I don’t know when or where any of this will happen.

Oh and there were 3 anchors there. How cool is that? I love Harry. And Erica is just brilliant. Thank you for showing your support.

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